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From the beginning of their lifetime, solar panels suffer from degradation. As time goes on, efficiency losses increase. This phenomenon is called PID (Potential Induced Degradation). We found the solution!

iLumen developed the PIDbox, a patented device that increases the efficiency of solar panels and extends their lifetime. A common PV plant on average gains 7%. What are you waiting for?

What is PID

What is PID?

PID or Potential Induced Degradation occurs on all photovoltaic panels, often without the owner of the installation being aware of it.

As a result, solar panels don’t achieve the expected return in 20 years. The PID process often occurs after 2 to 3 years, from which time the degradation will proceed quickly.

How to solve PID

How do we deal with PID?

The efficiency losses caused by Potential Induced Degradation can be avoided by installing a PIDbox.

This device is installed between the solar panels and the inverter and will regenerate the solar cells affected by PID and extend their lifetime.


PID affected

Is my PV plant PID affected?

No matter what type and what age, your solar panels will be subjected to Potential Induced Degradation. The only question is to which extent.

iLumen offers you the opportunity to monitor the performance of your PV system. This way, you can immediately determine the extent to which your solar panels suffer from efficiency losses.

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