Increase the efficiency of your solar panels with our PIDbox

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Typical for PV systems is that after some time they will underperform due to Potential Induced Degradation (PID).

As a solution, our internal R&D department developed the PIDbox, based on intensive research and several tests.

This patented device is installated between the solar panels and the inverter to regenerate the affected solar cells and to extend their lifetime.

Discover our PIDbox

PIDbox Mini iLumen
PIDbox Mini outdoor iLumen

Perfect solution for small installations
(1 to 400 solar panels)

PIDbox logo iLumen
PIDbox iLumen

Best solution for large installations
(400 to 10.000 panels)

PIDbox Light icoon
PIDbox Light iLumen

Perfect parallel solution to prevent PID with the same technology as the SMA Offset Box