PIDbox Mini

The PIDbox Mini is the ideal easy to implement PID solution for small and medium PV systems (typ. max. ±32kWp). It has an A and B channel, so you can use it for 2 maximum power point trackers (MPPT) of 25A maximum each. On request IP65 outdoor enclosure is available.

Increase the efficiency and extend the lifetime of your solar system with the PIDbox Mini!

ilumenIncreases the efficiency and extends the lifetime of your solar panels

ilumenRegenerates panels affected with PID

ilumenCompatible with all inverters and easy to install (declaration Kostal, Fronius)

ilumenCompatible with SolarEdge technology

ilumenCE (as of 2017) and EMC certified 

ilumenTested by experts

Unique Series Technology

Discover our PID coating

Accelerate the regeneration process with our PID coating! 

Accessories PIDbox Mini

When purchasing iLumen’s PIDbox, a Smart Power Supply Unit is by default included with a standard supplied AC-cable to connect the power supply.

When several PIDboxes are purchased, they can be connected via a daisy chain of Smart PSU’s. Optional linking AC-cables are used for this configuration. De standard length of such a linking AC-cable is 1,5 meters.

If you want to connect the various PIDbox Mini’s with a chain, iLumen offers you 3 (1 standard and 2 customized) different solutions.

Daisy Chain PIDbox MIni



Splitters with SUNCLIX-connectors are available on demand.

Smart Power Supply Unit

Smart Power Supply Unit

The smartPSU (CE certified) is a device that makes the installation of iLumen’s PIDbox Mini very easy. At large PV-plants it can take some time to connect the individual power supplies. This device makes it possible to daisy chain up to 50 devices which drastically reduces installation time. The smartPSU is fully weather proof so you can place them outside.

Technical data:

PIDbox Mini Datasheet