Marslander Insight landing Mars
American spacecraft InSight unfolds solar panels on Mars

Recently, the InSight spacecraft successfully landed on the planet of Mars. Immediately after the landing, the Marslander unfolded the solar panels that will supply him with power.

On Mars the sunlight is much less strong than on earth because the planet is further away from the sun. But InSight does not need a lot of solar energy to function properly. The two-meter-wide solar panels produce approximately 600-700 Watts on a clear day. This is just enough to run a kitchen robot, but more than enough for the InSight operations on Mars.

Even if the solar panels become soiled with dust and therefore produce about a third less energy, the battery of the marslander must be filled every day.

Marslander InSight will conduct the necessary scientific research on the red planet during the coming weeks.

Source: EOS Wetenschap

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