Belgian solar park 1 MW equipped with PIDbox technology

Recently a solar plant of almost 1 MWp was realized by a local PV installer at the ToyChamp distribution center in Genk, located in the Flemish part of Belgium. The installation was equipped with the PIDbox technology of iLumen.

The PIDbox regenerates efficiency losses due to Potential Induced Degradation (PID). In addition to this regenerative function, the patented PIDbox also prevents from efficiency losses in the future. In this way, a high efficiency is guaranteed during the entire service life of the installation, which is in fact extended.

No impact on inverter

A total of 23 PIDboxes were integrated between the solar modules and the inverters of the PV project at the ToyChamp distribution center. Because of its unique and patented series technology, the integration of the PIDbox has no impact on the operation of the inverter. In other words, the inverter guarantees are never void.

On January 21, Flemish Energy minister Zuhal Demir officially inaugurated the solar park at ToyChamp.

ToyChamp PIDbox

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