World Solar Challenge 2015 PIDbox Mini
Belgian Solar Team for victory after installation PIDbox

Between 18 and 25 October the World Solar Challenge takes place in Australia. This is the most famous race for solar-powered electric vehicles.

This year the Punch Powertrain Solar Team will defend the Belgian honor. To increase their chances of winning, they installed the PIDbox of Ilumen on their solar car. “Potential Induced Degradation is responsible for the fact that over some time solar panels will degrade faster”, explains Mathijs Mariën of the Punch Powertrainer Solar team. “PID is responsible for a lower electricity generation of solar panels. With the installation of the PIDbox, as much as 95% of efficiency losses can be recovered.”

PID Box Solar Team


In the past, the PIDbox already proved its value for the Punch Powertrain Solar Team. “We have tested the PIDbox already on a panel of our previous solar car. That panel was only 1.5 years old, and yet we managed to recover 16% of its efficiency.”

Does the installation of a PIDbox increases the chances of winning the World Solar Challenge? “The solar panel on our car is only a few weeks old, but we want to apply the PID technique for the race. In this way we can gain some percents of efficiency to make a bid for the win”, Mariën concludes.


Given their participation in 2007, the initiators of Ilumen are still very attached to the Belgian Solar Team. One of our engineers traveled to Australia to support the Belgian team where necessary. During the next few days we will keep you informed via our blog about the performances of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team. We wish them good luck during the qualifying sessions on Saturday and the start of the race on Sunday!

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