Belgian Solar Team prepares for World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge 2015

Belgian Solar Team prepares for World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge is the most famous race for solar-powered electric vehicles, which will take place in Australia between 18 and 25 October. The participating teams aim to be the first to arrive in Adelaide after a race of more than 3.000 km departing from Darwin.

The Belgian participant, the Punch Powertrain Solar team, consists of 16 enthusiastic students of Group T at the KU Leuven university.



The students built their own solar car, the ‘Punch One’. This is the sixth solar car of the Belgian Solar team. Really remarkable about this car is that it consists for almost a fifth of biomaterials. Cashew nuts waste hold the carbon fibers together. During recent weeks the Punch One was subjected to several tests. The purpose of the Punch Powertrain Solar team is of course being crowned as world champion on October 25th.

Since in the past the initiators of Ilumen participated in the World Solar Challenge, they still feel very involved with the Belgian Solar Team. Therefore, Ilumen wishes the Punch Powertrain Solar team the best of luck during their participation in Australia!

For more info, please visit the website of the Punch Powertrain Solar team and the World Solar Challenge .


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