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Belgian Solar team presents new solar car for World Solar Challenge

For a year, nineteen engineering students from KU Leuven worked on the development of their new solar car, the ‘Blue Point’. With this solar car they will participate from October 13 in the World Solar Challenge, the unofficial world championship for solar cars in Australia.

The car is built around a 2.6 square meter solar panel. “The solar cells are much more efficient than those you see lying on the roofs in the street,” explains Niels Geurts of the Agoria Solar Team. “They are also used on satellites and the entire panel costs the same as a Lamborghini.”

Compared to its predecessor, the Blue Point has been further developed in terms of aerodynamics. “To prevent unnecessary waste of space, the car was literally made to measure,” says pilot Inge Habets. “My hips and shoulders fit perfectly.”

After third place two years ago, the new Solar Team is extremely ambitious to do even better this year. “Teams from 53 other universities from all over the world are participating. But we are determined to be the first to finish,” concludes Willem-Jan Claes of the Agoria Solar Team.

24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge

iLumen is very fond of the Belgian solar car team. Some employees of our company were part of the Solar Team in the past. The team of CEO Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal finished second in 2007 at the World Solar Challenge in Australia. No Belgian team ever did better afterwards. In September 2020, iLumen is organizing the 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge, the European counterpart of the WSC.


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