Best results for PIDbox on comparative practical PID solutions test

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Best results for PIDbox on comparative practical PID solutions test

Characteristic for PV installations is that they will underperform as a result of Potential Induced Degradation or PID. As a solution, iLumen developed the PIDbox. This patented device is installed between the solar panels and the inverter to regenerate the affected solar cells and to extend their lifetime.

The patented PIDbox is unique in the sense that it is the only PID solution in the market that works independently of the inverter. As a result, inverter warranty is never void. iLumen acquired several patents for this unique series technology.

PIDbox referentie Deinze

PID test

iLumen recently set up a practical test in which 3 different PID solutions were compared:

– PIDbox Mini: patented series PID solution of iLumen
– PIDbox Light: parallel PID solution of iLumen
– PID solution brand B: parallel PID solution from another player in the market

For testing purposes, each of these products was applied over a 85-day period on three randomly selected solar panels of the same type, brand and peak power (250 Wp). The nine panels that were subjected to this PID test were all highly degradaded compared to their initial capacity of 250 Wp.

67% efficiency gains

The table below shows the measured power of the different panels at the start-up and during different phases of the regeneration process.

Measured power (W)
PIDbox LightBrand B (parallel solution)PIDbox Mini
Phase of regenerationpanel 1panel 2panel 3panel 4panel 5panel 6panel 7panel 8panel 9
Day 014,040,050,048,031,05,055,043,029,0
Day 1435,457,252,350,868,035,976,076,633,9
Day 2843,987,179,490,976,645,0118,5101,183,0
Day 3577,5139,8134,4140,6106,767,6161,8149,2110,8
Day 71138,0192,6189,5190,3180,3118,9205,1197,2178,7
Day 85141,3195,2192,5192,3183,2125,3215,3210,3205,3

The table below shows the following average increase in relation to the initial capacity of the 3 solar panels.

Average increase compared to initial power
PIDbox LightBrand B (parallel solution)PIDbox Mini
Phase of regeneration
Day 00%0%0%
Day 145%9%8%
Day 2814%17%23%
Day 3533%31%39%
Day 7155%54%61%
Day 8557%56%67%

The PIDbox Mini achieved the highest average efficiency increase per panel during the 85-day test period, namely 67%. The parallel solution PIDbox Light and the PID solution from Brand B realize an average efficiency gain of 57% and 56% respectively.

Regardless of the fact that the PIDbox, unlike all other PID solutions in the market, is the only PID solution that is compatible with all types of inverters, this device also appears to deliver faster and higher efficiency gains.


During the testing period, the nine different solar panels were subjected to an electroluminescence test. This test is performed at night with a special camera, while the module is supplied with energy without the presence of sunlight.

In a module without degradation, all cells have the same brightness. The fewer cells that are fully illuminated, the higher the efficiency losses.

The EL test below was applied to one of the nine solar panels at the start of the PID test. Only a few cells of this panel are still (fully) illuminated, which indicates a strong presence of degradation.

EL-test start test

The EL test below was applied to one of the nine solar panels at the end of the PID test. The number of (fully) illuminated cells is much higher than at the start of the test, which indicates a thorough regeneration by means of the PID solution.

EL-test einde

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