Record year ahead for energy storage, sales to double in 2021

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The global energy storage market will more than double in 2021. That predicts market research firm IHS Markit that expects more than 10 gigawatts to be installed for the first time in 2021. “The energy storage industry will begin significant multi-year growth in 2021, continuing through 2030 as technology begins to become a core component […]

Manufacturers sign pledge to prevent forced labor in PV power sector

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175 companies from the global solar industry have signed a pledge from the US Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) to combat forced labor in the supply chain. By signing the pledge, the companies declare their commitment to help prevent forced labor and ensure that the products they use have no connection with forced labor in […]

US scientists claim PV system owners subsidize their non-PV neighbors

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Researchers at the Michigan Technological University claim to have demonstrated that PV system owners in the United Stated are unjustly subsidizing electric utilities. Their analysis showed that, thanks to rooftop PV, utilities and their non-PV customers can save money from avoided costs for new grid, reserve, and generation capacity, as well as for avoided operation […]

‘Wind and solar energy are often the cheapest form of new electricity’

Wind and solar energy are the cheapest form of new electricity in most places in the world. This is shown by a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). According to the BNEF researchers, there will be a tipping point in 5 years, at which it will be more expensive to operate an existing coal […]

How to completely decarbonise the energy sector?

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Renewable energy is increasingly abundant and is becoming cheaper. But the pace and nature of growth varies significantly from market to market. To demonstrate how to provide the energy sector with cheap, reliable, sustainable power, leading agency McKinsey divided the world into four main market types. This with the aim of developing paths to make […]