iLumen engineer builds own off-grid battery system during training T2 Campus

Kristof Gaukema T2 Campus

Kristof Gaukema, Project Engineer at iLumen, has given a training on battery storage systems for PV plants in collaboration with T2 Campus in Genk. Together with his students Kristof built an off-grid system with lithium, lead acid or saltwater battery. Kristof, Project Engineer at iLumen, was involved in the development of the iLubat, the home […]

Risks associated with the under-dimensioning of the inverter of PV plants


An important point of attention when purchasing a PV plant, is the dimensioning of the inverter in relation to the solar panels. For example, one can opt for an over- or under-dimensioning of the inverter. In this article, we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. Over-dimensioning inverter One of the motives […]

Flemish Minister of Energy Tommelein reveals home battery iLubat

Tommelein reveals iLubat at Batibouw 2018

During his visit at the Batibouw fair in Brussels, Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein revealed the iLubat. This home battery storage system, developed by the R&D Department of iLumen, meets the market demand perfectly for the following reasons: Significant reduction of the contribution at the Flemish prosumers tax (calculated based on the inverter capacity) […]

iLumen launches battery for solar modules

Tommelein iLubat

PV module specialist iLumen from Tessenderlo (Belgium) has presented its self-developed battery for solar systems. The iLubat, as the battery is called, will be brought to the market this spring. According to the developers, the payback period is less than five years. Flemish Energy Minister Bart Tommelein reacts enthusiastically: “This type of innovation contributes to […]

Lithium, the ‘black gold’ of the future


Due to the rise of global electric mobility and the storage of renewable energy, the demand for Lithium batteries is increasing faster than ever. The ever increasing demand for these batteries is being answered with a rush to larger and better production facilities. Several manufacturers like Tesla, LG Chem and governments are therefore investing heavily. […]