Renewable energy sector accounts for 11.5 million jobs

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On a worldwide scale, the renewable energy sector is responsible for 11.5 million jobs. This is evident from the seventh edition of Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Solar energy accounts for about 3.8 million jobs. COVID-19 The IRENA report confirms the long-term growth trend, but also […]

2nd life deployment of PV panels: Is it worthwhile?

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Life-time extension of products, components and materials, realized via re-use and repair is one of the cornerstones of a circular economy. Over recent years there has been an ever-growing deployment of PV, leading to an expected increase in revamping/repowering of installations in the future. This means many PV panels will be decommissioned before reaching the end […]

How energy companies can combat climate change

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Energy companies today face a central dilemma: providing consumers with a reliable energy source without exacerbating climate change. “Energy is your access to a decent life,” Jean-Pascal Tricoire, chairman and chief executive of multinational energy company Schneider Electric, said at the Fortune Global Forum. Deadlock of climate change Tricoire laid out Schneider’s challenge—how to increase global access to energy […]

Solar modules produce 13 percent more electricity at sea than on land

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Solar modules produce an average of 13 percent more electricity at sea than on land. According to Researchers at Utrecht University the difference even can rise to 18 percent in some months. The researchers developed a computer model for floating solar modules at sea in which they simulated the effects of wind, waves and temperature. […]

Europe is for first time generating more sustainable than fossil energy

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In the first half of 2020, Europe generated more sustainable electricity for the first time – including wind turbines and solar panels – than fossil electricity. This is reported by climate think tank Ember. The think tank publishes a report every year on the European energy supply and its sustainability. 11 percent growth Not less […]