Warning unrealistic yield promises after cleaning solar modules

Reiniging zonnepanelen

In order to obtain the highest possible return from your solar modules, it is best to clean them on a regular basis. Depending on your location and the environmental factors, usually one cleaning per 1 to 5 years is sufficient. However, be on the alert when you are looking for a supplier for the cleaning […]

Dutch journalist impressed about iLumen’s PIDbox: “It recovers your PV modules”

PIDbox Light

Today iLumen is active in no less than 40 countries with its efficiency-increasing PIDbox. The Dutch journalist Warna Oosterbaan of newspaper NRC Handelsblad is one of the many foreign customers of iLumen. “For nearly six years now, I am a satisfied user of the electricity produced on my roof by six solar modules”, says Oosterbaan […]

Smappee launches Energy Monitor 2.0 App

Smappee Energy Monitor

Smappee is an energy monitoring system that gives you a clear view of the energy consumers in your home or business. With Smappee you can turn your house into a smart, energy-efficient home. Smappee provides you with real-time data about your electricity consumption and the associated costs. Smappee also allows you to operate devices from […]

How climate (un)friendly is the production of solar energy?

PV modules Desert

Solar energy is often considered as one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources on earth. However, certain skeptics ask serious questions about the sustainability of solar panels. MO submitted this statement to experience expert Pierre Verlinden, who has been active in the PV sector for forty years.  “Electricity produced with coal expels 1,000 grams of carbon […]

Solar energy surpasses energy from coal, gas and nucleair power at all levels

PV modules Desert

Last week the report ‘Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2018’ from UN Environment, the Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Center and Bloomberg New Energy Finance was published. The report generated some remarkable conclusions. In 2017, no less than 98 GW of new solar capacity was put into operation wordwide. This is a new record for the […]