China reuzenpanda zonnepanelen
China develops 248 ha solar park in shape of giant panda

When you fly over Datong County, you can spot giant pandas. One of them even waves at you. The giant pandas consist of thousands of solar modules.

China reuzenpanda zonnepanelen

Together with the other modules, they form a solar farm of 100 MW that stretches out over no less than 248 ha. “The solar park was designed and built in the image of the Chinese national treasure, the giant panda,” explains one of the initiators of Energia Verde Panda. According to Chinese standards, the project is somewhat on the small side, but it is of course prestigious.

130 GW

With a capacity of 130 GW, China has the largest production capacity for solar modules in the world. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), more than 60% of the solar modules are manufactured in China.

It is therefore no wonder that the vast and sunny plains of North and Northwest China have become the home of gigantic solar parks.


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