PID coating

In order to obtain the highest efficiency possible, a special PID coating can be applied on the glass of your solar panels. This may be in the form of a spray, or by mixing it with the water for the maintenance of your solar panels.

In this way a filter remains on the panels, so that the electric charge quickly ends up in your installation. This ensures, in combination with the installation of the efficiency enhancing PIDbox of iLumen, a faster regeneration of the solar panels affected by PID.

Note that the PIDcoating does only work properly when a PIDbox is installed!

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PIDcoating iLumen
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ilumenGenerates higher efficiency gains in combination with the PIDbox

ilumenOptimal use with frameless solar panels without aluminum frame (grounding)

ilumenTo be applied one time on the glass of the solar panels

ilumenWorldwide patented product

ilumenSuccessfully tested by MBJ at Intersolar Europe 2015

Independent test

PID coating test

The independent agency  MBJ performed a test at Intersolar Europe (Munich) on the operation of the PIDbox in combination with PID coating for two different solar panels.

As can be seen from the figure, the efficiency of the first panel increased by as much as 73.2% in 48 hours. On the second panel, an efficiency increase of even 78% was reached in the same timeframe.