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Companies and NGOs call for ending trade measures against PV systems from China

A group of 400 companies led by Solar Power Europe and a group of NGOs have written letters to the European Commission. They call for ending the trade measures against PV cells and modules from China.

China Solar


In December 2013 the European Commission proposed trade measures against solar cells and solar panels from China to protect the European PV industry. The European Commission proposed a minimum import price for PV cells and modules from China with the aim of keeping the price at a level that European producers can compete with Chinese companies.

Many European companies and organizations have the opinion that the intended effect of these measures is not reached. According to them, the artificially high prices caused a drop of PV demand, a decline in jobs in the PV sector and a stagnating develoment of the sector in Europe.

Companies and NGO’s take action

More than 400 companies in the PV industry, led by Solar Power Europe, wrote on October 11 a letter to the European Commission calling for an end to the trade measures against PV cells and panels from China. A group of five NGOs (Climate Action Network, E3G, EKOenergy, Greenpeace, WWF) addressed a similar letter to the European Commission in which they emphasize that the trade measures have a negative effect on action against climate change.

The European Commission is currently evaluating the measures and will ultimately decide on March 7, 2017 if the measures are cancelled.

Source: Solar Power Europe

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