Compatibility PIDbox & power optimizers

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Compatibility PIDbox & power optimizers

iLumen’s PIDbox increases the yield of solar panels that are affected by Potential Induced Degradation and extends their lifetime. This device is compatible with each type of solar panel and independent of the inverter.

Only when using the so-called ‘power optimizer’ products of for example Solaredge, the proper functioning of the PIDbox is threatened. This product tries to achieve a higher efficiency by providing a control unit at each solar panel that gets the maximum power out of the panel. In a conventional PV system, the maximum efficiency is obtained from a complete string.

When opting for a ‘power optimizer’, this device is inserted between each solar panel and the inverter (figure 1). A PIDbox on his turn is connected close to the inverter. The ‘power optimizer’ blocks at night the current that the PIDbox normally sends to the solar panels for regeneration purposes. In this way the proper functioning of the PIDbox is obviously threatened.

As mentioned before, the PIDbox is nevertheless compatible with all types of solar modules and inverters.
power optimizer compatibility EN
Fig 1: compatibility PIDbox and power optimizers

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