Energy expert: “Belgium must follow neighboring countries and invest massively in green energy”

The issue of the possible power outage in Belgium during the coming winter is currently talk of town. According to expert Marc-Philippe Botte, this problem can eventually be met with solar and wind energy.


However, a frequently heard criticism is that the sun does not always shine and the wind speed is too low on many days.

“This way of thinking is more and more obsolete in 2018,” says Botte (partner at Omnes Capital, a French investment company in renewable energy) at VRT Nws. “The link between renewable production capacity and giant batteries that store electricity when there is a lot of sun or wind and little demand, is a pertinent and economically viable idea: today it is no longer science fiction but reality, as the 100 MW Tesla battery that was recently connected to a wind farm in Australia proves. ”

Investing en masse

“So Belgium has every interest in protecting its industry and competitiveness by following the example of our neighboring countries and now investing in green energy en masse. Otherwise, we run the risk of lagging behind with an outdated, too small , and too expensive energy production mix in comparison with our neighboring countries.

“There is no more room for ideology in this debate, we have to look at the facts and make a rational decision in the interests of our future”, Botte concludes.

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