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European Commission ends levies on imports of Chinese solar modules

After almost five years, the extra levies imposed by the European Commission on Chinese solar modules, that have been imported into Europe since 2013, have come to an end. The industry fears that as a result of this measure European companies will no longer be able to compete with cheap Chinese solar modules.

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In December 2013, the EU imposed anti-dumping and anti-subsidy levies on solar panels from China, which amounted to 64.9%. In March 2017, the measure was extended for eighteen months. Now the question of the interest groups of the European producers of solar modules to renew the levies again was not heard. Reportedly, market conditions can no longer be invoked as justification for the levies.

Opinions divided

EU ProSun, which in 2012 the initiator of the original complaint about the dumping of Chinese solar modules, responds disillusioned with the deletion of import duties. The sector associations of importers and installers, SolarPower Europe, speaks of a milestone and says that the biggest barrier to the growth of the sector is lost.

Source: Nieuwsblad, 3 September 2018

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