Extend the lifetime of your PV system

The PIDbox prevents your solar panels from efficiency losses due to Potential Induced Degradation (PID). Moreover, this device extends the lifetime of your PV system.

When sun shines on your solar panels, only a part of the radiation is converted into electricity. Another part is lost as heat. The higher the efficiency of your solar panels, the lower the heat loss.

Solar panels with fewer active cells will thus heat up more than well-functioning cells. This results in temperature differences between different cells, which is clearly visible in infra-red and electroluminescence tests.

Infrarood testInfrarood test2
Fig 1: infra-red test                   Fig 2: electroluminescence


The silicon used in the solar panels is very thin (180 to 200 micrometer). Just like other materials, solar panels expand as a result of heat. At night, when temperature drops, they shrink. During the day the solar panels expand again because of a higher temperature. Through this reflexive process, ‘microcracks’ can originate in the solar panels. Because of this, electrical conduction will be more difficult and consequently faster degradation will occur. This obviously has a negative impact on the lifetime of the PV system.

Fig 3: solar panel with microcracks


Solar panels are made up of different layers, such as glass, silicon and the actual cells. Ideally, the space between the layers is vacuum so there is no question of moisture or air. In practice this is not always the case. Air expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations. In this way, there is a risk that the cells begin tearing of the laminate. This phenomenon, also know as delamination, is detrimental to the lifetime of the solar panels.

Fig 4: delamination solar panels


But how the PIDbox can contribute to an extended lifetime of your solar panels? When installing this device, all cells are not only brought to the same temperature but will generally be cooler as efficiency increases. This obviously has a beneficial effect on the life of your installation.

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