1) How do I know if my solar panels are already degraded?

2) How do I get assured that the PIDbox is working properly? How can I check this after the installation?

3) Can you guarantee that the PIDbox does not harm my solar panels on the long term?

4) Does a defect of the PIDbox has any consequences for my electricity production?


5) How can I find out whether a defect is due to the PIDbox or to the inverter(s)?

6) What is the size of the PIDbox?

7) If your solar panels are still new, is buying a PIDbox still useful?

8) What is the difference between solar panels produced before and after 2008?


9) Is it true that the PIDbox has a lifetime of 20 years ? Why is only a legal warranty of two years given ?

10) Can you show me some references from people who have already bought a PIDbox?

11) Why do different PV systems are subjected to different losses of efficiency? Why does the study of Thomas More Hogeschool shows an efficiency gain of less than 2 % for a certain PV system and more than 16 % for another installation?

12) Is the PIDbox also compatible with thin film solar panels?

13) What to do when my PIDbox has no LED-signal?

14) My installer claims that my solar panels are not PID sensitive, is this correct?

15) Is the PIDbox compatible with micro-inverters?