First iLubat installed on commercial scale

Recently iLumen launched battery storage system iLubat. After an extensive test period at no less than 100 PV plants, the first iLubats were recently installed on a commercial scale.

This home battery storage system, developed by the R&D Department of iLumen, meets the market demand perfectly for the following reasons:

ilumenSignificant reduction of the contribution at the Flemish prosumers tax (calculated based on the inverter capacity)

ilumenContribution to a more stable grid

ilumenOptimal use of PV systems

ilumenDischarging via the inverter of the solar modules

Intensive installation round

With the installation of the first iLubat on a commercial scale, the starting shot was given for an intensive installation round in Flanders. As mentioned earlier, 100 iLubats were produced immediately for commercial purposes after an extensive test period. Given the enormous demand, production has now been significantly increased.

Case study 1

In this customer case the iLubat was installed on an existing solar panel installation with a strongly under-dimensioned inverter in relation to the solar panels. From an extensive analysis by the engineers of iLumen, it was therefore not necessary to replace the existing inverter.

The profit for the customer after installing the iLubat in this case, is in the fact that he can use the generated solar energy much more efficiently than before. For example, the energy that the solar panels generate during peak production during the day is stored in the iLubat, after which the customer can use it in the evening (no solar production) in the household instead of having to take it from the grid.

Case study 2

In this customer case, the iLubat was installed on a new solar panel installation. In order to fully benefit from the added value of the iLubat, iLumen opted for a thorough under-dimensioning of the inverter in relation to the solar panels. As a result, the customer pays only a limited contribution to the Flemish prosumers rate, calculated on the basis of the inverter power. From day one, the customer enjoys in the most efficient way possible the production from his solar panels.

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