German airport completely CO2 neutral thanks to solar modules

Airport Weeze zonnepanelen

German airport completely CO2 neutral thanks to solar modules

Airport Weeze has reached an important milestone: in the past calendar year, the airport was able to operate CO2-neutral for the first time thanks to the production of solar energy.

In the annual report, the airport reports that the basis for its success is formed by high energy efficiency in combination with 2 solar power installations that the airport implemented in 2011 and at the end of 2016.

18 megawatt peak

In 2016, the German airport started using around 16,000 solar modules. The company has a total of 18 megawatt peak in solar modules. In 2018, the modules produced 19.654,013 kilowatt-hours of solar power. The total electricity consumption of the airport was around 5.8 million kilowatt hours. Including fossil fuels for heating and vehicles, the airport generates considerably more energy than it uses.

Air conditioning down

Despite the CO2 neutrality that has already been achieved, energy-saving measures are also being implemented on a continuous basis, such as the conversion of the terminal and the apron lighting to LED technology. “We are satisfied with this positive CO2 balance at our airport. The best energy is the energy that is not consumed at all. This is our starting point from both a business and an ecological point of view, “says Ludger van Bebber, managing director of Airport Weeze. “In the summer, for example, we will refrain from fully air-conditioning the terminal and we expect our passengers and employees to experience slightly higher temperatures due to this CO2 saving.”

Source: Solar Magazine, 12 juni 2019

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