Solar panels
Huge growth PV sector also tangible on stock market

Last year, an amount of 130.8 billion euros was invested in the PV sector. According to a recent report from the United Nations, solar energy is the energy source of the future.

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One of the reasons for the massive investments in solar energy is the falling production cost, which in turn is caused by continuous innovation. It is therefore expected that within 2 years electricity from solar panels will be cheaper all over the world than energy from fossil fuels, such as oil.

Stock market

The International Energy Agency expects a growth of the solar panel market from 136% to 2023. Also notable: Trend Solar Energy, 15 leading international solar stocks (eg. producers of solar cells, inverter manufacturers and developers and managers of solar parks) from Trend Invest ended 2017 on the stock market with a growth of no less than 45.1%.


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