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iLumen Adds PIDbox Mini 40A to product range

PIDbox referentie Deinze

iLumen developed the patented PIDbox technology, which contributes to the increase in yield and life extension of PV plants. Our company was recently able to add the PIDbox Mini 40A to its existing PIDbox product range.

With the launch of the PIDbox Mini 40A, iLumen is responding to the evolution in the market where the input current of decentralized (string) inverters can reach a maximum of 40A.

The existing PIDbox Mini was limited for PV plants with decentralized (string) inverters to a maximum input current of 32A. With the launch of the PIDbox Mini 40A, this limit will be raised further. This way, the integration of the more expensive PIDbox normal solution can in many cases be avoided.

Product range PIDbox technology

Product name Maximum PV current Type of inverter
PIDbox Mini Max 25/32A String inverter
PIDbox Mini 40A 40A String inverter (single MPPT)
PIDbox Normal 75-350A Central inverter

In terms of operation and appearance, there is no distinction between the PIDbox Mini 40A and its 25 / 32A counterpart.

A PIDbox Mini that is already installed in a PV plant, can be converted into a PIDbox Mini 40A solution by adding a specific splitter cable.

When you decide to apply for the yield-enhancing PIDbox, our experts will determine for you which device from our product range is most suitable for PV plant based on a number of factors, such as the string configuration.

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