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iLumen applies Sigfox technology to energy-efficient PIDbox

Smart PSU

Tessenderlo-based engineering firm iLumen developed the PIDbox a few years ago. This patented device boosts the performance of solar panels and extends their lifetime. The PIDbox is currently sold on both consumer and professional markets in some 40 countries.

In an effort to improve the quality of its products, iLumen is organising the rollout of 100 PIDboxes fitted with a smart power supply unit (smart PSU). This is the result of intense collaboration between iLumen and ENGIE M2M, operator of the Sigfox network in Belgium.

iLumen PIDbox with smart power supply unit

The PIDbox’s smart PSU has an Internet of Things function for monitoring and automatic communication, making it possible – without any previous configuration – to check the status of the PIDbox remotely. This enables iLumen’s engineers to efficiently monitor the correct operation of the device and intervene if necessary.

Smart product range

In building Sigfox technology into the PIDbox, iLumen is taking its first important step towards a fully ‘smart’ product range. As an innovative company, we aim to immediately inform our customers when, for instance, on-site intervention is needed, without the customer having even noticed anything.

ENGIE M2M and the Sigfox network

ENGIE M2M is a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group and the exclusive operator, in Belgium, of the global IoT network based on Sigfox technology. The strength of the ENGIE network lies in the fact that ENGIE M2M can support national and international projects for its customers at a very low cost and in an extremely energy-efficient way. The Sigfox network is already operational in more than 45 countries. A Sigfox connection consumes 100 times less energy than traditional mobile networks, meaning that battery-powered devices can last for years

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