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iLumen finalist Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Awards 2016

iLumen is pleased to announce that our company was nominated for the finals of the Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Awards, organized by FCA and FIT. This contest looks for Flemish cleantech SMEs with the highest sustainable impact while exporting its clean technologies abroad.


iLumen submitted a candidacy for the PIDbox, a device increasing the efficiency of solar panals and extends their life. The PIDbox is a proven technology since 2012 with an installated capacity > 550 MW and is currently sold in more than 36 countries.

Independent research of Thomas More Hogeschool (associationLeuven University) proved an average efficiency increase of 7,5% after installing a PIDbox. Knowing that worldwide the solar panel sector produceds 300.00 GWh electricity per year, the potential of the PIDbox is enormous. Naturally, by its energy-saving operation the device contributes to a large extent to a more sustainable world.

The winners of the Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Awards 2016 will be announced during the ‘Awards Voting & Ceremony’ on Sunday, October 2016 in Antwerp. Besides iLumen enterprises ‘E-Rational’ and ‘Vyncke’ were nominated in the category ‘Energy.’

A list of nominees can be viewed here just like the candidacy of iLumen.


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