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iLumen obtains UL certificate PIDbox for US market

The PIDbox of iLumen increases the yield of PV plants and extends their lifespan. This patented device is currently sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Thanks to the acquisition of the UL certificate, iLumen can now also meet the high demand from the United States.

In the United States, different safety regulations apply to technical products than in the rest of the world. The European EC certificate, which iLumen previously acquired for the PIDbox, is not sufficient. In the United States, certification and registration by a third party (e.g. UL) is required. Local authorities also strictly monitor compliance with legal rules.

Exciting opportunities

Due to the high demand from the United States for iLumen’s PIDbox technology, our company recently started a procedure to acquire the UL certificate. Today, we received the good news that the UL certificate for the PIDbox has been awarded to iLumen. It goes without saying that obtaining the UL certificate opens some exciting opportunities for iLumen on the American market.

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