STEM Building
iLumen provides STEM building with PIDbox

The Provincial Institute Lommel (Provil) recently developed a number of strategic goals for sustainable development. In November 2015, the ‘STEM-building’ project was conceived and started in this context.

The STEM building is an innovative and sustainable BEN building (almost energy neutral) on the Provil campus in Lommel.

In order to realize the STEM building, an intense collaboration was started between students and experts from the industry and other partners

PIDbox and iLubat

iLumen is very enthusiastic about this innovative project and has already installed a PIDbox on the PV plant of the STEM building. This device increases the efficiency of the solar panels and extends their lifespan. Soon iLumen will also install battery storage system iLubat.

STEM Building

Project Manager Pieter Vangeel and Marketing & Communication Manager Thomas Voets visited the STEM building recently and signed the information board of all partners who contributed to the realization of the project on behalf of iLumen and partner company Futech.

STEM Building

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