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iLumen wins VOKA Limburg Innovation Award 2020

iLumen has won the VOKA Limburg Innovation Award 2020. CEO Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal received the trophy from Karin Van De Velde, chairwoman of Voka – Chamber of Commerce Limburg.

Innovation has been woven into iLumen’s DNA from day one. This resulted in the launch of numerous product innovations such as the multiple award-winning PIDbox, the device that increases the efficiency of solar modules and extends their lifespan. This patented solution has more than 50,000 customers spread over 40 countries, good for an installed capacity> 5.2 GWp. The PIDbox is unique, as it is the only PID solution on the market that works independently of the inverter. Consequently, unlike other PID solutions on the market, the PIDbox never causes damage to the inverter and the existing warranties remain valid.

Changing tariff system

In addition, iLumen responded to the changing tariff system (from 2021) for residential PV owners in Flanders, whereby network tariffs are charged based on the actual offtake from the electricity grid. In order to achieve the greatest possible savings on the energy bill within this tariff system, the highest possible direct consumption is required. In other words, it is crucial to use as much of the solar energy produced as possible when the sun is shining.

In concrete terms, the iLusmart energy monitor, the iLuheat heat battery and the smart charging solution for electric vehicles iLucharge contribute to a maximized self-consumption. The same applies to the iLubat 2.5 home battery, the successor (with a higher storage capacity) to the iLubat successfully commercialized in 2018.

iLumen productaanbod

‘Flemish R&D and production’

“As a Flemish company we are honored to receive this award”, says our CEO Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal. “Innovation has been ingrained in our corporate culture from day one. We are very proud that the product innovations that we bring to market are fully developed and produced in Flanders. All our product innovations have in common that they contribute to a sustainable future, in which battery storage plays an important role, taking into account the most recent market developments. ”

“One of our core values ​​is respect for people. That is why I would like to dedicate this award to our employees, who every day give the best of themselves for our company and our customers. Finally, we also hope to be a source of inspiration for students to follow a STEM-education. These types of profiles are very much needed in the labor market to further stimulate an innovative economy.

VOKA Innovatie Award

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