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Installation video Smart PSU PIDbox Mini

SmartPSU PIDbox Mini

The PIDbox of iLumen increases the yield of PV modules and extends their lifetime. When purchasing iLumen’s PIDbox, a Smart Power Supply Unit is by default included with a standard supplied AC-cable to connect the power supply.

The Smart PSU makes the installation of iLumen’s PIDbox Mini very easy, as is demonstrated in the video below

During the installation process, the following steps are taken:

Step 1) Indicate the drilling holes.

Step 2) Drill the holes and put the plugs into the wall.

Step 3) Screw the screws into the plugs. Leave a distance between the screwhead and wall of 3 mm.

Step 4) Slide the Smart PSU over the screws and connect the DC-plug to the PIDbox Mini

Step 5) Connect the AC power to the “AC IN” side of the Smart PSU

Step 6) Connect the daisy chain cable to the “AC OUT” side of the Smart PSU. Use the other side of the cable to connect the next Smart PSU.

Caution! Only install a maximum of 50 Smart PSU’s in 1 daisy chain.

Step 7) The status-LED of the PIDbox Mini should light up

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