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Is the PIDbox compatible with each type of PV system?

After a certain amount of time almost all solar panels suffer from a loss of efficiency caused by potential induced degradation (PID). To deal with this phenomenon, Ilumen developed the PIDbox. But to what types of PV system this device is compatible?

Inverter independent 

The PIDbox regenerates the PID affected panels and preserves the installation from future loss of efficiency. The device was developed so that it works independently of the inverter and therefore it can never harm. The energy consumption of the PIDbox averages barely 1% of the energy yield.

The PIDbox thus has a unique, innovative character. It is therefore obvious that Ilumen immediately took out a patent for this new technology.


But what about the (in)dependency of the PIDbox relative to the type of solar panels? In the past, positive results were achieved in monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. Within the category of solar panels we distinguish the p-type and the less common n-type.

The starting material for the production of p-type crystalline solar panels is the same as that of n-type panels. The difference is situated in the doping process during crystallization. While for the p-type boron is used as the dopant, for the n-type typically phosphorus is added to the silicon ingots.

The PIDbox is compatible with both p-type and n-type solar panels. For this latter type of panels a slightly modified version of the PIDbox needs to be integrated with respect to the more ‘standard’ p-type of solar panels.

Finally the PIDbox can also be easily connected to the thin film solar panels.


Ilumens PIDbox is the only product in the market that enhances the efficiency of solar panels and is compatible with all types of solar modules and inverters.

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