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Largest CO2 reduction in 30 years: “Rapid roll-out of wind and solar energy required”

Global CO2 emissions fell by 2 percent in 2019, accounting for the largest decrease in thirty years. Solar energy plays an important role in this decline. Yet there is no reason for euphoria.

After all, according to researchers at the independent think tank Ember, a faster shift to renewable energy will be needed to achieve the Paris climate goals, with good news coming mainly from the European Union and the United States, with 24% and 16% less energy respectively from coal.

“Yet governments still need to accelerate the electricity transition so that coal energy production finally collapses,” says Dave Jones, an electricity analyst at Ember.

Wind and sun

Moreover, we must not make the mistake of massively switching to energy on gas. “If we do that, we’ll just trade one fossil fuel for another,” Jones continues. “The cheapest and fastest way to end electricity production from coal is through a rapid roll-out of wind and solar energy.”

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