iLumen's Pidbox
Meet iLumen’s PIDbox Mini in 3D format

The PIDbox of iLumen increases the yield of PV modules and extends their life. The patented device is unique in the sense that it works independently of the inverter so warranty is never void.

The PIDbox Mini is installed in series between the solar modules and the inverter. The PIDbox Mini weighs about 1,1 kg en has the following dimensions (W X D X H): 270 X 200 X 75 mm.

The 3D design below allows you to inspect the PIDbox Mini in detail. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi

    I have one Pidbox mini and use it on panels strings without Tigo maximizer modules.
    I want purchase another PIDbox mini (outdoor) and I have a question are this unit will regenerate panels trought Tigo? Or I have disconnect Tigo and connect panels in series?

    Thank you

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