More than 2,500 square meters of solar modules in the North Sea

The Dutch consortium Oceans of Energy will install a ‘solar farm’ of 2,500 square meters in the North Sea, as a three-year pilot project.

Solar modules in the middle of the North Sea, it sounds not so obvious at first glance. “Yet the principle is simple”, explains founder Allard Van Hoeken on Belgian Radio 1. “Solar modules will be on floats. A cable brings the energy to the country.”

Higher yield

Moreover, the system of the ‘solar farm’ has many advantages. “They do not take up scarce space of the country. There is also more reflection at sea from the water to the clouds and back, so there is more yield than on land. Solar modules perform even better than offshore wind”, says Van Hoeken.

“Nevertheless, we will have to deal with difficult conditions.  The enormous wave force and the strong wind are the biggest difficulties. Furthermore, there is the salt water. In this area, however, we already have experience with electronic underwater equipment. ”


The shipping industry will not be bothered by the ‘solar farm’ in the North Sea. “For the time being, the floating solar parks only come between the offshore windmills. That is where shipping should stay away. “

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