Ondernemersprijs VOKA
Nomination VOKA Entrepreneur Award Herman Dessers

The U2P Group, the holding of which iLumen is a part, was nominated  as one of the three finalists for the Voka Entrepreneur Award Herman Dessers. This prize has been awarded annually since 1995 to “reward” a citizen of the province of Limburg, a Limburg-based company, an association, institution or group that has performed remarkably in economic, social, cultural or scientific fields. Stijn Bijnens was the winner of last year.

In addition to the U2P Group with CEO Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal, Sam Strijckmans (Nitto EMEA) and Axel Verberckmoes and Gianne Levenstond (Levenstond Seafood) were also nominated.

    • Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal (U2Pgroup) is the founder of Futech and iLumen, both of which are part of the U2P Group. The first company was launched in 2008 and specializes in the installation of PV plants on the Belgian residential and industrial market. iLumen is an internationally operating company that focuses on the development and commercialization of product innovations that contribute to the optimal operation of PV plants. The showpieces of iLumen are the PIDbox, an innovative and patented device that increases the yield of PV plants and extends their lifespan, and home battery iLubat.
    • Sam Strijckmans (Nitto EMEA) is chairman and CEO of Nitto EMEA. He started his career at the Japanese multinational in 2004 as Chief Financial Officer of Nitto Europe and evolved from the Genk office to his current position, where he heads 6 production units and more than 1,800 employees.
    • Axel Verberckmoes en Gianne Levenstond (Levenstond Seafood) set up their fish processing company in 2007 in Vlijtingen (Riemst). In 2012, the entrepreneurial couple took over Vandermaesen’s fishmongers and committed to far-reaching and innovative traceability of their production chain. Last year, the company achieved a turnover of 75 million euros.

“These three nominees have completed a remarkable growth trajectory as a company and as entrepreneurial personalities, with which they are a good example for our Limburg entrepreneurs. Moreover, the local anchoring shows that our province is fertile ground for entrepreneurship. Voka – KvK Limburg will continue to strive for this. These entrepreneurs guarantee prosperity and well-being through their courage and dedication, ”says Voka – KvK Limburg president Karin Van De Velde.

The ceremony of the Voka Entrepreneur Award Herman Dessers will take place on Wednesday June 24 at Corda Campus (Hasselt) and can be followed online via a live stream.

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