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Payback period of solar panels

PID calculator

The Ilumen PIDbox can be installed in all types of solar panel installations, the device is easy to deploy and compatible across all inverters.

The severity of PID (Potential Induced Degradation) does not determine whether the PIDbox is useful or not. The device is in fact the solution to regenerate your solar panels, regardless of the state of your system.

Calculation payback period

The payback period of your PIDbox ranges from less than six months to a maximum of less than four years.

When the efficiency of your PV system is for example only 40%, much progress in the short term is possible. Therefore the payback period of your PIDbox investment is rather short. Still, a system that works for 80% also fully benefits from the implementation of a PIDbox. The device will after all make sure that your solar panels will get the highest possible return of 100%, but will also prevent from PID in the future.

We would like to refer to our research on a hundred of PV systems from one to six year old, in which progress was made for every installation. Even in systems where no PID was detected, there was an improvement of 4%.

Investing in a PIDbox pays off as well in short as in long term!


Increase the efficiency and the lifetime of your solar panels with the PIDbox. Click here for more information!

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