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PID solutions overview

An important issue in the PV sector is Potential Induced Degradation or PID, the deterioration of solar panels due to the high voltages that occur during the day and cause leakage currents to the earth. This phenomenon has been known for some time and is the reason why manufacturers guarantee a declining return as the installation ages.

This article shows an overview of possible PID solutions.

PIDbox Mini = to cure and to prevent from PID

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ilumenPatented solution in series

ilumenEasy installation procedure

ilumenOperates independently of the inverter

ilumenNo manufacturer approval is needed concerning

ilumenCompatible with SolarEdge technology

ilumenVery suitable for battery storage systems

ilumenVery high increase of solar panel yield

More information on 100% recovery: Eliosys test and TUV Rheiland recovery test

PIDbox Mini = to prevent from PID

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ilumenSolution in parallel (similar technology as SMA Offset Box)

ilumenVery easy installation procedure

ilumenDoes NOT operate independently of the inverter

ilumenApproval of manufacturer is needed concerning inverter warranty

ilumenApproval of manufacturer is needed concerning inverter warranty

ilumenNever full recovery off your panels


Inverter before 2008: grounding is possible. Replacing all panels with PID is necessary, because there is no recovering from panels by a PIDbox. Still problems at large PV plants because of the grounding difficulties.

Inverter after 2008: inverters provide a higher efficiency, but no longer have a transformer. So grounding on the negative site of the inverter is impossible.

Even if solar modules need grounding (e.g. Sunpower), an inverter with transfomer can be replaced by a tranformerless inverter with a PIDbox included.

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