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Residential PIDbox customer wins 500 kWh every year thanks to PIDbox

The PIDbox of iLumen increases the efficiency of solar modules and extends their life. Independent research by Thomas More College, KU Leuven Association, shows an average efficiency gain of 7.5% after installation of this patented device. Thanks to the integration of a PIDbox, customer Paul Christiaens also realized significant efficiency gains on his PV plant.

Mr Christiaens’ installation, which was commissioned in December 2008, achieved an average annual yield of 9,281.4 kWh before the PIDbox was installed. After integration of the PIDbox in April 2016, the yield of its installation rose to an average of 9,825.6 kWh / year. This corresponds to efficiency gains of 6% compared to the situation without a PIDbox.

“The result of the PIDbox is simply stunning”, says a satisfied Mr Christiaens.

Green current certificates

In addition to saving on electricity, Mr. Christiaens enjoys the additional advantage that he, as the owner of a 2008 PV installation, is eligible for the Flemish green current certificates of 450 euros per 1.000 kWh of solar production.

The additional production of 545 kWh on average per year, has resulted in 2 extra certifications since the PIDbox was installed in 2016.

This is why the payback time of the PIDbox was very short.

Reference year 2019

Taking into account the solar radiation in Uccle since 2009, the installation of Mr. Christiaens recorded in 2019 the best result since commissioning!

Year Yearly PV yield (kWh) Solar radiation Uccle
Relative production compared to reference year
2009 9481,33 1.086.426 0,95
2010 9080,2 1.056.445 0,93
2011 9566 1.087.180 0,95
2012 9094,6 1.041.919 0,95
2013 8783,8 1.037.129 0,92
2014 9186,1 1.066.802 0,93
2015 9777,9 1.111.767 0,95
2016 9458,1 1.045.237 0,98
2017 9283,6 1.063.633 0,95
2018 10434,9 1.171.732 0,97
2019 10125,8 1.098.333 1

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