PIDbox Light

The PIDbox Light is a standard solution for PID. This device can be considered as a successor or a similar replacement of the SMA Offset Box technology.

The PIDbox Light can, like any other PID solution in parallel, only be installed on (a limited number) of inverters approved by the manufacturer. Only for these inverters, warranty is not void.

Consequently the PIDbox Light has a slightly lower price than the PIDbox Mini, which operates independent of the inverter and furthermore delivers better performance results. The installation procedure of the PIDbox Light is more simple than that of the PIDbox Light.

Increase the efficiency and extend the lifetime of your solar system with the PIDbox Light!

ilumenIncreases the efficiency and extends the lifetime of your solar panels

ilumenRegenerates panels affected with PID

ilumenCompatible with all inverters and easy to install (declaration KostalFronius)

ilumenCompatible with SolarEdge technology

ilumenCE (as of 2017) and EMC certified 

ilumenUL certified 

ilumenTested by experts

PIDbox Mini outdoor iLumen

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PID regeneration process

PID verloop