PIDbox Light
PIDbox Light compatible with ABB-inverters

The PIDbox of iLumen regenerates PID affected solar panels and preserves them from future loss of efficiency. This device was developed in a way that it works independently of the inverter and therefore it can never harm. 

An exception to this rule is the PIDbox Light, a slightly modified version of the PIDbox mini, which is easy to install but is not uncoupled from the inverter when it is active.

Scheme PIDbox Light
Fig. 1: PIDbox Light connected to solar panels and inverter

A test of ABB/Power-One Italy S.p.A shows that the PIDbox Light is compatible with the following list of transformer-less string inverters (Fig. 2).

ABB inverters
Fig. 2: ABB transformer-less string inverters

In its report, ABB further declares that by following the installation and operation instructions of the inverter and the PIDbox Light, the combined operation of both devices will not adversely affect the inverter operation and will not affect the inverter standard warranty.

The full report can be consulted here.

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