EL test solar panels
PIDbox regenerates JA Solar panel with significant efficiency losses

Because of Potential Induced Degradation (PID), solar panels can suffer from yield losses up to 70%. iLumen developed the PIDbox, a device that increases the efficiency of solar panels affected by PID and extends their life.

iLumen performed an electroluminescence (EL) test on a Ja Solar solar panel of 230Wp, which was put in operation 4 years ago. Solar panels that are free from PID, show a pattern in which all cells have the same brightness. This is clearly not the case for the JA Solar panel that was tested by iLumen (Figure 1). Some cells are no longer or not completely illuminated, which is a clear sign of the presence of PID.

The JA Solar panel is affected by PID and therefore suffers from significant efficiency losses. The efficiency of the panel investigated equals 54,2% of its initial value, only four years after it was put in operation.

Solaro Domo
Figure 1: JA Solar panel with PID


Solar panels that suffer from efficiency losses have of course a bad impact on your energy bill. In order to regenerate and prevent from (further) efficiency losses, iLumen developed the PIDbox. This device increases the efficiency of solar panels and extends their lifetime.

PIDbox Mini indoor
Only six weeks after installing a PIDbox the efficiency of the the JA Solar panel increased to 98,3% (226,1 Wp) of the initial value. Can you imagine the impact on your solar panel yield and energy bill?

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