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PIDbox technology successfully applied to Italian installation with SolarEdge power optimizers

The efficiency-enhancing PIDbox of iLumen is distributed today in more than 40 countries. Recently, we received the results of an interesting reference project in Italy of a PV plant with SolarEdge technology that was equipped with a PIDbox.

The power optimizers try to achieve a higher efficiency by providing a control unit at each solar panel that gets the maximum power out of the panel. In a conventional PV system, the maximum efficiency is obtained from a complete string.

When opting for a ‘power optimizer’, this device is inserted between each solar panel and the inverter. As with conventional PV systems, the efficiency enhancing PIDbox Mini can be installed in this configuration without affecting the operation of the inverter.

The full statement of SolarEdge concerning the compatibility of the PIDbox can be read here.


Reference case Italy

An Italian PV magazine published the results of an interesting reference case of a private PV project in Volta Montovana, in the region of Lake Garda. A 6 kWp PV plant equipped with SolarEdge technology was installed in 2009 with an expected annual production of 7.200 kWh. Thanks to the integration of the PIDbox technology of iLumen, the production of this PV plant with SolarEdge technology increased to 7.440 kWh per year which.

PIDbox SolarEdge

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