After some time, solar panels are subjected to Potential Induced Degradation (PID). The performance of PID affected panels decreases, which obviously does not benefit the profitability of the installations.

PID can be detected by means of an electroluminescence test. This test is usually performed at panel level in dark labs.

Electroluminescence on system level

The German company Fluading Solartechnik proved that the electroluminescence test can also be performed at system level, and this at a height up to 15 meters!

In figure 1, the system is shown in which various solar panels are affected by PID. In particular, solar panels with strong differences in brightness are subjected to PID.  For these panels a ‘checkerboard pattern’ is typical.

Fig. 1: EL-test before installing PIDboxes


In order to improve the efficiency of PID affected solar panels, Fladung Solartechnik installed several PIDboxes. The positive impact of this device is shown in figure 2, in which the evolution of the solar panels after installing the PIDboxes is exposed.

As you can see, the checkerboard patterns and differences in brightness have almost disappeared.

AfbeeldingenFig. 2: evolutionEL-test for PID detection

The PIDbox of Ilumen does not only improve the efficiency of your solar panels. It also extends their lives.

Full video of the electroluminescence test on system level by Fladung Solartechnik

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