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Potential Induced Degradation (PID) is a well known and understood degradation process in solar modules.

  • PID affected modules are cured when used in combination with PIDbox
  • Intact modules become immune to future PID when used in combination with PIDbox
PID effect over de jaren heen

Potential Induced Degradation

For the last 20 years, the PV market has been on an ongoing path of demand for solar inverters that can handle higher and higher input voltages supplied by solar module strings.This evolution has resulted in cost savings and increased efficiencies.

Unfortunately one of the major disadvantages of higher voltages is an increased chance for accelerated introduction of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) in solar modules connected to these inverters. It is not uncommon to see a power drop of 80% in solar modules as a result of this degradation.

PIDbox solution

Solar module manufacturers have made major efforts to reduce or delay the mechanisms that cause PID. A total avoidance of PID however is not possible.

iLumen engineers have created a balanced solution to this situation that creates a perfect integration between the solar module string and the inverter.

The solution is called PIDbox and is subject to proprietary patent protection. The PIDbox is an electronic system that disconnects the inverter during the regeneration process and hence it does not effect on the inverter independently of its brand or type. We believe that makes the PIDbox unique

It has a curing effect on the solar module in the sense that it mitigates the effect of PID due to a reversal of the physical phenomena that are causing it. The PIDbox is solving the solar module PID issue regardless of all efforts or additional process steps the panel manufacturer has applied.

Pidbox Mini indoor iLumen

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Including a PIDbox in a PV system is a smart and low cost way to run a PID free solar system. It cures or proactively suppresses PID in solar modules and it is not affecting at all the inverter.

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