Customer testimonials

Ilumen is proud of the fact that its PIDbox is sold today in not less than 40 countries. We have given some of our customers the opportunity to share their experience with the purchase of the PIDbox.

PIDbox Mini iLumen

 “One of my solar parks was confronted with very negative returns I started looking for a partner that could help me to solve this issue and this way I came into contact with iLumen.

They installed the PIDbox and only after 3 months it was clear that my returns were suddenly above expectation. Eventually, we applied the PIDbox technology of iLumen to all of my solar parks. Also at these plants, results were great!”

Marc CoppensCEO Yuki

Punch Powertrain Solar Team

We installed the PIDbox of iLumen on our solar car for the 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge, the European Championship for solar cars.
The car for the race at Circuit Zolder was 4 years old.

About 2 months before the race, we installed the PIDbox so that at night the efficienchy of the solar panel on the car increased. This made is finish on the second place.

Lynn De HaesPunch Powertrain Solar Team

We installed the PIDbox of iLumen on a PV plant equipped with Tigo optimizers. A few months later we observed by means of our SolarLog monitoring system that the performance of the solar panels on which a PIDbox was installed, had greatly improved in comparison with panels on which no PIDbox was installed.

Fanos PV Park (Cyprus)


Barely one week after the installation of the PIDbox, the performance of our solar modules increased by as much as 15%.

We could benefit immediately from the efficiency increases. The company was also extremely pleased with the outcome of this test.

Juwi Energie Rinnovabili

Van Der Veken

For a long time, my thin film solar panels didn’t deliver sufficient returns. Although I initially had some doubts, I decided to install the PIDbox.

The results were amazing! Shortly after the installation of the PIDbox, the solar panels achieved the desired results. I’m really relieved that PID in thin film solar panels is reversible.

Harold Van der Veken Ekoo

Van Loock

A few months after the installation of the PIDbox for my thin film solar panels, the results were impressive. For the months of April, May and June my solar panels obtained a yield of 85%, 93% and 99% respectively in comparison with the reference yield.

The purchase of the PIDbox has been a huge success. My solar panels are performing better than ever before!

Dirk Van Loock

Baar Zug PIDbox

Baar Zug (2 MW)Switzerland

Tacna PIDbox

Tacna (20 MW)Peru

Tevreden klant Prouvé

Since the supplier who installed my solar panels had gone bankrupt, Ilumen took over the entire project. Thanks to the PIDbox, we significantly increased the yield of the panels.

Bert ProuvéProvahof - Zoutleeuw

Tevreden klant Gobyn

We had PIDboxes placed on our 3 installations this March. Already in April and May we saw an increase in efficiency. The investment in the PIDbox clearly was a very good choice.

Jurgen GobynCEO - GOBO Transport & Logistics - Lanaken