Ruin nuclear plant Chernobyl is now a solar park

Chernobyl solar power

Ruin nuclear plant Chernobyl is now a solar park

In 1986, the largest nuclear disaster in history took place in Chernobyl. Today, the environment of the nuclear power plant is still uninhabitable. However, that does not mean that the site can not be used effectively.

In Chernobyl, a solar panel project with no less than 3,800 panels has been realized. The installation must generate a capacity of 1 MW, good for the energy supply of no less than 2,000 households in the area.

Symbolic aspect

“The PV project in Chernobyl It is not just an ordinary solar panel installation”, explains Evhen Variagin, CEO of Solar Chernobyl. “It is really difficult to underestimate the symbolic aspect of this specific project: for the first time in this area energy has been generated since the nuclear power plant was finally closed in 2000. Nobody believed that energy would ever be generated again in this region, but the opposite has been proven with this magnificent project.”

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