Solar energy breaks all records in emerging and developing countries

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Solar energy breaks all records in emerging and developing countries

In emerging countries, new solar modules are being installed at an unprecedented rate. China is the absolute leader, with in 2016 alone 26 gigawatts of new capacity.


According to the specialized agency Bloomberg New Energy Finance, growth and developing countries installed 34 gigawatts of new solar capacity in 2016. That is 54% more than the year before and even a tripling in three years. To illustrate: in 2011 the growth was only 3 gigawatts.

The additional capacity that was added worldwide in 2016 is sufficient to supply no less than 45 million of families in a country such as India.

China is responsible for the largest share of growth, with 27 gigawatts of new solar capacity. India follows at a distance with 4,2 gigawatts of new capacity. Countries such as Brazil, Chile, Jordan, Mexico and Pakistan more than doubled their installed capacity during the last year.

Mobile phone masts

It is striking that solar panels are used in increasingly diverse ways: in small, local power grids, on water pumps and mobile phone masts and on pay-per-use systems. Small startups play a major role in the distribution of these devices.

“The enormous decline in prices of the last years continues to have a large impact in the emerging and developing countries”, says Ethan Zindler of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “It creates opportunities, from extremely large projects to feed the electricity grid to small-scale installations that allow farmers to irrigate their crops or access the internet.”

Source: MO, Mondiaal Nieuws

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