Solar module manufacturer JA Solar claims world record

JA Solar

Solar module manufacturer JA Solar claims world record

Solar panel manufacturer JA Solar recently announced by means of a press release that it produced panels with a peak power higher than 325 watts. These are monocrystalline Silicon panels with the innovative PERC technology.

PERC (passivated emitter rear cell) technology provides an additional dielectric passivation layer at the bottom of the solar cell. This layer substantially reduces the recombination of electrons, or in other words the tendency of electrons to recombine and thus block the passage of free electrons, which is obviously detrimental to the efficiency of cells.

World Record

A JA Solar panel of 326,67 W was registered by independent test agency TÜV Sud, which accounts for a world record for monochrystalline Silicon solar panels with 60 cells.

“Establishing this world record is a remarkable achievement that could be realised through the use of PERC technology”, says Wei Shan, JA Solar’s Chief Technology Officer. “It is also a reward for JA Solar’s unrivaled efforts aimed at developing highly efficient, cost-effective products for the PV market that meet the ever-growing demand for green energy through technological innovation and the pursuit of continuous improvement. As a company we have always strived to offer our customers high-quality products with a high reliability.”

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