Offshore zonnepanelen
Solar modules produce 13 percent more electricity at sea than on land

Solar modules produce an average of 13 percent more electricity at sea than on land. According to Researchers at Utrecht University the difference even can rise to 18 percent in some months.

The researchers developed a computer model for floating solar modules at sea in which they simulated the effects of wind, waves and temperature. They based themselves on meteorological data from Utrecht University and the North Sea. Based on these data, they calculated the yield for both the situation on land and at sea.

Computer simulation

“Onshore solar modules are not affected by waves, so you can place them at the ideal angle and thus ensure optimal light,” says PhD candidate Sara Golroodbari. “But solar modules also benefit from lower ambient temperatures, because the electrical losses of the solar module material decrease when it is colder and that improves the yield. Then the floating panels have the advantage again. Both wind and seawater have namely a cooling effect. The temperature at sea is also much more uniform. ”

Source: Solar Magazine, 8 June 2020

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